Automotive Sales Training – How You Can Complete the Best Sales Presentation

You have made it past the introductions, developed a rapport with the customer, and narrowed the search down to one car. Now you have to complete the presentation of the car in a way that will make your customer buy. Developing a sure fire presentation can be difficult. However, with the help of the following strategies you can make money selling cars.

Automotive Sales Training Strategy 1: Taking the Test Drive
Once it is time to check out the car you have to go for a test drive. You should drive the vehicle first, giving the customer time to look around the vehicle and take in the features. As you are driving you will want talk about features of the vehicle that can benefit your customer. Be certain that you are good at driving and talking at the same time, you don’t want to scare your customer. Most people try the technique with friends or family before testing it out on a customer. You will also want to choose a quiet avenue for testing out the car. Then you won’t have to worry about navigating through traffic as you talk and drive.

Automotive Sales Training Strategy 2: Giving Up the Driver’s Seat
When it is time to trade seats and left the customer drive make sure you make the swap in an empty parking lot. Before handing over the keys you can take a few minutes to show of the vehicle. Pop the hood, kick the tires, or show off the cargo space. By using the time at the midpoint of the test drive you avoid interruptions by other customers, salespeople or, the day to day noise of a car lot. Once the customer is driving back you should keep quiet and let the client enjoy driving the vehicle. When you are getting close to the lot you can start closing the sale.

Automotive Sales Training Strategy 3: Introductions are Necessary
Most salesmen forget to take the customer around the lot and introduce them to people who work there. However, this is a very important part of the sales process. When a customer buys a car they are making a very big decision. They will want to know they are buying from a dealership they can rely on and trust. Show off your service department and introduce your customer to important people who are in charge. During this step you want to make the client feel like a member of the family.

Automotive Sales Training Strategy 4: Evidence Is Required
Once it is time to start negotiating price and terms your customers will want proof that they are making a good decision. You have to put together an Evidence Book that shows why the customer should buy a specific car from your car lot. This book will include Car and Driver ratings, letters expressing thanks and satisfaction from previous clients, and information about your company such as press releases or awards received.

By using these simple strategies you will be able to go from “Hello” to “Sign here” Very quickly.

My name is Mak and I specialize in training automotive sales consultants to get to the next level in their selling career. I mainly focus on automotive salespeople because I feel they are the most involved people in the selling process of a vehicle. I don’t want to go into writing a book about my life but let me give you a brief description.