Using Online PowerPoint Presentations

You don’t need to buy an expensive program to make a PowerPoint presentation anymore. You can go online and use online applications like TeamSlide or Opshare to create your own. Another one is called Beam Your Screen. The point of them all is the same though. It allows you to share power point presentations with the public or your affiliates.

These are personal web application that actively presents power point slide presentations to larger groups of people. You control the presentation from your browser while your viewers watch your presentation in theirs.

The amazing thing about this online tool that is truly cross-platform. It requires no plug-in, no Flash player and no downloads. There is no technical hassle of any kind for anyone who would like to participate in viewing your power point presentation.

A program like Teamslide works equally well in Internet Explorer (IE), Safari and Firefox web browsers. Aside from the free version there is also a professional version that you can install on your hosted webspace or webserver.

The good thing about this is that it does give you that unique content that is so important to offer the visitors to your site. If the content of your power point presentation is truly valuable then you will see visitors returning to your site to learn from the presentation again and again. This of course will help boost your rankings in the search engine page as the more visitors your web site has, the more favored you will be by the search engine algorithms.

A PowerPoint presentation can also be a very useful viral tool to post on other sites especially if it consistently points to your site as being the place to purchase items described in the presentation or the place to learn more about what is being shown.